Zomberry Island Walkthrough

(By Samwow5)

When you get to Zomberry Island, run left and talk to the police officer on the left side of the school bus. He says he is getting to old for his job. Then the police chief appears and says Dr. Romero has been trying to find a cure for the Zombies and the police have lost contact with him. The chief asks you are you man enough to do the job, click yes. Then he gives you a Flashlight and a Clue Notebook, he says the notebook contains Dr. Romero’s phone number, address, and anything else you need to know. Climb up to the top of the school bus and enter the tunnel.

Fort Savini Tunnel

When you get in the tunnel, it’s almost pitch black. So go in your items and turn on the flashlight. The flashlight will help you see better and scare the zombies a little, you need more light to scare them away. Now keep jumping and running left while avoiding the zombies, when you see an oil truck stop. Right in front of the truck is some Car Keys, pick them up.Keep running and jumping left while avoiding the zombies until you reach a Dorf Bean car. Go to items click use on the Car Keys, the keys will fit! Click on the car door to go in the car.Use the keys on this car.When you get inside the car click “lights” on the left side of the steering wheel.


After you turn on the lights, on the bottom of the tow truck that the Dorf Bean is on, click the crank, the lights will scare the zombies away and you will be able to go to the Financial District.

Financial District

When you reach the Financial District, Jump up on to the beams, keep jumping until you reach the top. When you have reached the top now take a right, you will reach this crane/machine.Now, use the crane/machine to pick up the bottom right beam. When you have picked it up, drag it to the top middle opening in the beams. Then you will see a toolbox, click on it.


Now, you will be rumishing through trash in his toolbox. When you reach the bottom you will get a Subway Passport. Now hop of the beams and the Subway is just to the left.


When you get inside the Subway, there will be zombies there, try to avoid them. Now, run left, you will reach the Subway Passport Scanner. Now, go in your items and click “Use” on the Subway Passport. It will open the door to the Subway.Now run left to the Chinatown Subway. When you reach the Subway Passport Scanner, You have to use your Subway Passport. After you use it, It will let you in the Subway.

When you get in the Subway, you will see a Light Bulb right above you. Click on it, and it will be added to your items. (The red circle in the picture below indicates where it is.) Now continue to the Chinatown Subway.

The Light Bulb is supposed to be where the red circle is.

When you arrive in the Chinatown Subway, run left and you will see some boulders under the wheels of the train. Click on the wheels and the train will start moving again, but then it stops. After you do that, run all the way back to the right and exit the Subway.

Now, run left to the Smoothie Shop, and go inside. Right next to the door there is a wall stand. Click on it to get a Pamphlet. The red circle shows where the pamphlet should be:

Where the red circle is, the pamphlet is supposed to be.

When you get out of the Smoothie Shop, run all the way to the left to Shady Side.

Shady Side

When you get to Shady Side, continue running until you reach 147 Park Drive. Click the Fuse Box, Make 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 go up and 2, 4 go down. Now you will have a straight path up the left side of the buiding to the roof. When you reach the roof, there’s a door, click on it and you will be inside.

Jump up the building where the black rectangle is.

Jump up the building where the black rectangle is.

When you get inside, here’s a list of all the rooms in the building you need to get too.

  1. Room 7 (Dr. Romero’s Apartment): Go to his computer, and click on it, you get a Clue for the Notebook in your items.
  2. Room 5 (Joe Puddy’s Apartment): When you come in next to the door they have some Bolt Cutters, get them. Next, go to the fridge, and click on it, you get another Clue for the Notebook in your items.
  3. Room 1 (Gamer Dude’s Apartment): Next to the door they have a trash can, click on it. You dig around in it and get a can of Valley Rain, which is another Clue in the notebook. Continue right, on the stereo they have a camera, take it. Also, if you want to play a game, click behind the screen.

After you get out of the 147 Parker Avenue Apartments, run to Chinatown. When you get in Chinatown run left unti you reach the Karoke Bar.

Karoke Bar

When you get inside the Karoke Bar, talk to the woman on stage. She says I’m trapped, can you get the zombie’s off the dance floor? Now, go all the way to the right, you see a zombie that is blocking the disco lights. Stick your flashlight up at the disco ball and the zombie leaves the disco lights.put your flashlight up towards the disco ball and the zombie leaves. Now, click the disco lights. The floor starts changing colors and the zombies leave. Then the woman on stage says you’re a life saver. Go up on stage and talk to her, ask the 3rd question. She says she has to boogie, then she leaves. You notice that she leaves her laptop running and some papers behind. Click on the paper and you get another clue to the notebook.Now, go to the laptop. Click on it, it now shows a computer screen with “Find my Phone” on it. Click on the “Find my Phone” icon and type in this user and pass.

  • User: Doctor
  • Pass: Awesome

It tracks the phone to a bunker. It says unlock on the screen, click on it. Hint: The phone is under 147 Park Avenue or (Shady Side Apartments) but you have to go through the subway to get it.


When you get into Chinatown, run to the left. You will notice there is a bunch of Zombies next to a hole, next to Wok and Hard Place. Climb up onto the building then on to the wire with the lanterns on it. Click “Light Bulb” in your items and the lanterns will light up and scare the Zombies away.When you enter the hole, you will end up on top of the train. Go inside the train. When you arrive inside,run all the way to the right. There will be a lever there, click it and the train will go right. It will arrive in the Financial District. There will be a ladder right above you.After you climb the ladder, to the right is the Secret Bunker. When you click on it, zombies will appear. You will scream and run inside.

Secret Bunker

When you get inside, run to the phone to the left and call this number: 555-3946. When you finish doing that number, it rings. To the right of you the phone falls out of the Zombiees pocket in the cage.

Dr. Romero!

Click the phone, it goes into your items. After you click the phone, click the paper. It goes into your Notebook. Now, go to the Big Board next the phone. Go through your notes and put all the fruits the people like down on the board. This is what you are supposed to come out with.

The blueberries caused the outbreak!

The blueberries caused the outbreak!

Now, all of a sudden coffee starts pouring out of the coffee machine! After it stop pouring, click the coffee. It goes into your items.

The Wharf

When you get into The Wharf, run all the way to the right to the big 2000 box. Go inside.

When you get inside, there’s a guy that is obsesssed will apocalypses. He says he was expecting the world to end because of a Cyber-Apocalypse not a Zombie Apocalypse! Then, you say can you help me climb up the crates, because the Zombies keep attacking you. He says yes, and he will spotlight the Zombies when you are going up the crates.Man! He wasn’t kidding about shining the spotlight at the zombies!Before you start jumping the crates, give him the Coffee Cup. He thanks you, and gives you a Keycard. Now, climb up all the crates. When you you get to the top, take a right. There will be a ledge, jump on it. Now, go down and jump across the platforms, then you will reach a machine.Use the Keycard, It activates the machine and shows all it’s shipments. Look for one that mentions Blueberries.

The blueberries came from Cleveland!

The blueberries came from Cleveland!

Click the Cleveland-Blueberries. The crane will start moving on the screen. Avoid the 3 block tall crates, or you will have to start over. When your reach Row 73, the crane will stop and you will be able to go to that crate.


When you click 73 G. The crate will be at the bottom right of the crane. Enter the crate.

73 G Crate

When you get inside there will be a big guy that looks like Big Blue in the Members Only Items for Zomberry Island. Well, the guy keep stomping and chasing you, so use the camera. The flash will blind him and you will be able to pick up some of the Blueberries.After you pick up some of the blueberries, you quite won’t be able to leave until he leaves (He’s very slow) so you will be waiting a little in there. When you leave, you have to go back to the lab to test the blueberries. As you noticed when you came into The Wharf they had a Subway right next to the Opening. So, enter the Subway.When you get inside, you have scan your Subway Passport on the Subway Passport Scan and it let’s you in the Subway.

Remember how earlier we climbed the ladder to get to the Secret Bunker? We’ll you just run to the front of the train and jump up on top of the train. After, you hop on top of the train, climb the ladder to the Secret Bunker.

Secret Bunker

When you get in the Bunker, go to the machine that is next to Zombie Romero. Now, Click “Use” on your Blueberry Card, Now you have to crank the machine. To make the crank go really fast, move your mouse as fast as you can. The machine should look like this when you are done.Now, pick up the Medical Gun next to the crank. It will now be in your items. Now take the Medicine Gun out of your items, and shoot Dr. Romero with it. After he’s back to normal, he says that we need to make more to cure the entire population. Then, he’s says to board up the doorway because the Zombies are coming.To board up the doorway you have to use the wood next to the door at the top left corner of the room.

That will hold the zombies outside for a while.....

That will hold the zombies outside for a while…..

While you are boarding up the door, the doctor says the antidote is ready for processing. Now, you have to go back down and turn the crank really fast. While, you are running and jumping back down, the zombies are trying to break in. Don’t worry about the zombies, even if you go really slow the zombies still won’t get to you before the antidote is made. After, you make the antidote the doctor runs back into the cage and you have to do all the zombie fighting by yourself. Then you start the fight………

The Zombie Battle

The Battle is pretty much the same as the game you played earlier at Gamer Dude’s Apartment. (TIP! To cure the people hold down the mouse button instead of pressing it really fast) In the game there is about 20-30 zombies. After you cure all of them, Joe Puddy, Gamer Dude, and Samuel Brains say Thanks! and you get the Zomberry Island Medallion! Congrats!


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