Super Villain Island Walkthrough

Super Villain Island demo (video)

Super Villain Island Walkthrough (video)

Super Villain Island Walkthrough

(by By Samwow5 and Comical Catfish)

When you first get to Super Villain Island go into the Control Room. Talk to the girl with the glasses, ask the third question. She says the chopper is going to give you a lift. While in the chopper there is a storm around you, the pilot says to jump and gives you a walkie-talkie. You jump out. Here is the instructions, avoid the lightning. If you get hit by the lightning your parachute catches on fire.

After you survive, swim to shore and climb up the rocks. When you reach the top that camera is looking at you. Get under it and let it look at you without moving for a few seconds. A door opens in the wall! Go inside.

When you are inside go to the guard on the right. Ask the third question. He says it’s your life.

The machine gives you X-Rays, scan, disinfect, dry, and a mug shot.

Go right and enter the guard room.

Go all the way to the right to Dr. Jupiter’s elevator and click the up button.

While going up you pass Copy Cat, Mr. Silva, Sir Rebel, Crusher, El Mushachio Grande, Ratman, Betty Jetty, and Gretchen Grimlock. When you get the Dr. Jupiter’s lab, he says you are about to participate in the greatest scientific science experiment ever known to Poptropica. All the villains are asleep so you have to enter their minds and remove what turned them evil.

 Binary Bard’s Dream

On the first door use the Stopwatch to stop the door from opening and closing. The second door you do the same thing. The third you have Merlin attacking you, which is a little harder, but the Stopwatch freezes him. Next it’s the mouse,  To the right there’s a big wall. Lure the mouse to the wall and use the Stopwatch to freeze it, then hop on the mouse over the wall. Enter into the next room.The next part is way harder. They have these big spikes, which you have to time freeze so you can jump on them.

The first spike is fairly easy Let the spike turn until it almost reaches the right side, Stopwatch it while it’s facing up so you can jump on it then jump on the platform above. The 2nd one is harder. The last moved from left to right now it moves up and down (TIP: You don’t have to freeze this one just time the just make sure the spike/ball is going down while you jump as far as you can to the right). Run by the first part spikes of 3rd spikes. The second part of the 3rd spikes are harder, the spikes cross each other. Make sure they end up like this.The fourth is pretty easy, just freeze it and jump up as high as you can. The fifth is easily the hardest so far. They have three in a row and you have to time it right to get to the top left corner. Wait until the bottom one is to the right then keep jumping till you reach the top left. (WARNING: This might take a couple of times). The sixth, go by it first, second, and third to get the Diamond Drill, freeze the spike closest to the Diamond Drill then try to hop in this.To open the door you need the Crystal Key.

He became he old self again. Use the clock to shock him 3 times. Time freeze when the clock reaches this time. 12:30, 3:45, 6:00 etc. Then the astrolobe totem falls out.

 Captain Crawfish’s Dream

First, get the brown key above from where you come in. Then go to the bottom, and unlock the brown box. You get a Stopwatch. Then get the Green Key above you and open the Green box at the top level. It gives you the Grog Brand Turpline. Go to the model ship and use the Shrinking Potion. While your inside the model ship close all the doors.

After you close all of them. Make sure the guy closest to the cannon will not be hit with the cannonball. Then shoot, the cannonball breaks the glass and the model ship is the totem.

 Black Widow’s Dream

First, you get the Filled Sprayer out of the items. Click on Black Widow and ask the first question. Then hop in the painting that says UGLY. You have to clean the painting from vandalism. Get the Shrinking Potion at the top left corner.Go to the next painting that says TRASH. Clean that one from vandalism too. At the top right corner there is a Crystal Key. Go to the 3rd and final painting, that says NOT ART, clean all the vandalism.

Now to melt Black Widows painting. Keep spraying the painting between UGLY and TRASH or aka the painting of her. She will chase you and hit you.When the painting melts, it shows a paintbrush. That’s the totem.

 Dr. Hare’s Dream

TIP: To kill the ants click on the ants and the pickaxe and diamond drill kills them.They have three parts. The first is easy, start pickaxing all the way to the right, then avoid the ants. The second is a little harder because now they have blue ants that can break the walls. Try to avoid them. Use the Diamond Drill to drill to get the Empty Sprayer (Mix it with Grog brand turpline make Filled Sprayer) . The 3rd part is the hardest, you have to use the Diamond Drill for the whole thing. Also the blue ants are there instead of the red ants. To get the totem start out to the left then work your way down till you reach here.

Like in the picture the totem is to the right of Dr. Hare. The totem is a Golden Carrot.

Defeating Zeus

Well after you finish getting all the items. You give them to Dr. Jupiter, which turns out to be Zeus!

Screen darkens, shows clips of Shark Tooth, Mythology, and Mystery Train destroyed! When you arrive in the ocean Posideon gives you his Trident and you have to fight Zeus.

Zeus has 4 items on the Statue of Liberty. You have to unlodge them by clicking on them

while avoiding lightning bolts by Zeus. After you unlodge all the stuff. You now have to knock Zeus out. Keep shooting him until he has no cloulds left. Then he falls into the ocean….. you return back to the lab and get the island medallion! Congrats.

Bonus Quest

(Thanks to Samwow5 for the members-only bonus quest walkthrough!)

The prison has gone into lockdown and a guard is trapped in a cell! The only one who knows the override code is Zeus. Enter the dreams of one of Poptropica’s mightiest villains and recover that code!

The Super Power Island Villains have kidnapped a guard and you need the access codes that are in Zeus’ mind, but he is asleep! You must go into his mind and find the code one letter at a time. Once you are in his dream, the colors will be in negative and the controls are all backwards.The first area is the Labyrinth. You just run around each corner and dead end until you find all of the pieces in that room. Once you have found all of the pieces in that room, you are transported to the next area.Now you must be careful because Zeus is flying around. Search around for the next pieces, and you will then be transported to the last area. Once you find all of the pieces here, you wake up and give the code to a security guard. Zeus’ override code is “Z3USTH3GR34T” – Zeus the Great.

In return, you are given the members-only Dream Guardian costume! Enjoy! That’s the end of the bonus quest.


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