Steamworks Island Guide

You land in Steamworks Island. Go right in front of the Clockwork Cantina. Click on the robot. Put the two large gears in the ends and the small gears in the middle. Turn the knob clockwise. The mouse will turn swirly and then the robot will drop the MULTI-TOOL. Now go right and you will see something that says Garbage. Click on it. You will get a STEAM BATTERY. Now go inside the Steamworks Center and Museum. It is just right to the garbage.  Go right and land on the pick up truck thingy. Click on the blue switch. Now jump on the platform on the left and then on the now risen pick up part of the truck. Very slowly, make yourself through the small platforms. Now jump on the vine and climb. Go all the way right and watch out for the falling platforms. Get your DIRTY BEAKER. Now you can leave. Go outside. Now go left. Go in Sully’s Garage. Like left, left. Go right inside of Sully’s garage. You will find the mech. Right above the mech, there is a board with the things needed for the mech. Write them down somewhere. Now go back outside. Go left. Now this part is kind of complicated. I can’t help much. You will pass a hub, not The Hub which is labeled The Hub. This is just a normal hub with no labels. You will see a vent. Go on it and you will land on a roof. Get the OLD VINE. Now go down. Jump on the small part of the hub, pulling the longer part up. Do it all the way. Now jump on the platform. Then onto the hub. Now up. You will see a small crab. Jump directly on top of it and collect the ROBOT CRAB and the SULLY’S KEY. Go down, right outside of Sully’s Peralhernalia. Get in front of Steam Terminal #5 and use your STEAM BATTERY. What you have to do now, is get the final number to be five. You start at ten. Make sure the total change reads -05. Now you have unlocked the door. Go inside. Um
Go left to the box labeled. Various Junk. You will get the RUBBER MALLET. Go right now. You will see SPROCKET! Ring the bell to wake Sprocket up. Try talking to Sprocket, but he won’t talk. He will now follow you around. Note: it is your choice if Sprocket is a boy or a girl. I will refer to Sprocket by name or he, even though it is an it. I have too much respect for Sprocket to call him an it. Now you can leave. Now go right. Pass the Steamworks Center and Museum. Ride the vents up over the common room. Go left on the little platform. It will go up. Jump to the left and you will see a hatch. Use your MULTI TOOL. Now go inside. There is a typewriter. Remember the number 0516. Now you leave. Go all the way right. Go to the red bell. Use your ROBOT CRAB. Go inside. Sprocket will be terrified. An evil plant monster will then attack. Use your OLD VINE. Go forward and when you get to the bottom, click on the thingy that looks like a maze. Press and hold your mouse to move it. Get the ball in the middle. There are three levels. Something will power up. Then you leave. Now go left without actually leaving. Get on tv real hub. Go right and you will get to a blue switch. Pull it. The Hub will start spinning. When it It is diagonally right, go on the ledge. Go on the vent and go on the vines. Then click on the thingy that looks like an elevator. Something will grab Sprocket. Close the shutters to save Sprocket. Now he will talk to you. Go right and up and click on the thing at the bottom of the picture. You have to stop the numbers at 0516. A door will open. Go inside it. There is a note on the ground. Read it. Now go left and get the BRIDGE KEY. Now jump and get the WEED WACKER: MECH ATTACHMENT. Now you can leave. Outside go right, to Steam Terminal #16. Do the same thing. The bridge will lower itself. Go right. Go up on the sproing! Now lower all the switches. The wrecking ball will go through the ground. Now go down. Press all six switches you see in. Now both you and Sprocket press down on the levers. Go up and get ready to hitch a ride on the now turning platform. Go forward. Hit the switch to move the platforms. Go forward. Watch out for the monster. Go through the vines. You will get the STEAM MOTOR. Now go up. Go left and use your DIRTY BEAKER. Get 3 blues, 2 greens, and 4 yellows. Now go up. Use your HERBICIDE MIXTURE you just got. Go inside the Maintenance Closet. Click on the robot. You will get the LIVING QUARTERS ACCESS KEY. An alarm will also go on. Now go left and you will find a place where the glass is weak. Use your RUBBER MALLET to get out. Now go left. Aló the wat left. Go to steam terminal #7. Use your STEAM BATTERY. Do the same thing. Go inside. Go left and pull the blue switch. Make your way across. Jump on the blue platform and go up the ladder. Go in Zack’s room. Talk to Sprocket. Work on the steam thingy. Just connect all the pieces like in Haunted House. Now go up and exit. Go across the vines slowly and get the MECH CRANK. Go in Sully’s garage. Now make you Mech work!  After you get in your Mech, you will get a TELEPORTER and then attach your WEED WHACKER. Now go all the way to the left, and hit the weeds with your WEED WHACKER. Go inside. Go on the levers. Stay in your Mech at all times. Kill any plant monsters. Now exit. Go left and crunch the sail. It will start spinning. You have to stop it to get in. Exit your mech. Ride the sails up. Us the MULTI TOOL to stop it with the clickable gear. Now you can go in. Go in. With your mech. Go to the machine. Use your MULTI TOOL. Go get your TOXIC BLASTER. Time for the final fight. All I can say here is do your best. Avoid anything the monsters throw…

Congratulations! You have completed Steamworks Island!


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