Spy Island Walkthrough

Go to Spy Island if you’re not there already.
Now, go inside HQ. Apparently, somehow, you’ve been chosen to be an undercover spy for HQ. How the cheese did that happen?!
(I just used a different account for this walkthrough BTW)
Talk to Director D., the director of secret operations, and make sure to remember to click on the bottom red text to get a message decoder.
Also, he’ll tell you that 3 of his spies are MIA and that you should go and look for them. The first one was last seen at the docks. Off you go!
Exit HQ and go to the roof of the building. You’ll find an agent that looks like he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place, literally, but probably intended to do so. Talk to him and you’ll recieve a message about the man who owns the eyeglass shop.  Decoded, it will say:
When Dr. Spyglass points to a symbol, choose the one that faces in the opposite direction.
Go to Dr. Spyglass’s shop and talk to him to take an eye test. Do as the message from the previous step says and he will say this:
Go outside and go upstairs to the door above the main entrance, and you’ll see that it is unlocked. Go in. Talk to Dr Spyglass and he’ll give you the chameleon suit, a useful agent tool for when you head for the docks.
Go to the docks and talk to the agent hiding in the… trash can? Ask about a message and he will give you one. Decoded, it will say:
There’s a secret entrance to the warehouse on the roof. Head for the left part of the roof. If you see a B.A.D. agent coming towards you, stand still. Easily duped.
Enter this door. You can’t go in without the chameleon suit.
Now, when you go in, you’ll encounter 3 rabid dogs. If you get knocked over, you end up on the floor above you so be careful.
(from left to right: Fang, Slasher, and Fluffy: the B.A.D. guard dogs)
Once the dogs aren’t your concern anymore, go left and jump down the hole. Rescue the first agent and he will give you a laser pen, a important clue, and he will take care of the door guard.
The important clue says:
Hmm. Now, let’s get out of there.
Now go to Balding Avenue and talk to the two agents in camoflauge outfits. One of them will give you a message that tells about the B.A.D. bistro. Recoded, it says this:
There’s a top B.A.D. agent in the Bistro. To access the B.A.D. control center, you’ll need his fingerprint.
The second agent hiding in the bushes has File X, a message about Director D. For now, hold on to it. Go to Toupee Terrace.
As you go along the mansion, you’ll see something like this:
When you do, you’ll see this message:
What the cheese is this????? Moving on, go up the mansion. Watch out, because there are shocking light thingys that could knock you off.
Ouch. Once you reach the top, click on the barred window and use the laser pen to cut through the metal.
When you go inside the no-longer-barred window, go to the left and you’ll see another tied up agent. He’ll give you the grappling bow tie and another important clue.

Click while in midair or click the bow tie on the bottom left corner of the screen and aim to use the grappler.
Go to the bistro but take your spy items off, before the waiter takes it off for you please. Go into the kitchen and ask for a job. You’ll have to complete a short memory game in order to get the chef hat. Once you did that, talk to the guy in the tuxedo next to the woman. He’s the top B.A.D. agent. He’ll ask you to refill his glass. Sneakily, go up the air vent in the kitchen and jump from chandelier to chandelier until you reach the furthest one. Get the cheese out of there.
Grapple up to the building on the far right and go up.
Now, you’re up on the rooftops. Grapple to the building to the left (I recommend to keep on that chameleon suit). Then go up the building the farthest you can. Click on the bowtie and shoot the grapple straight to the right. The grapple should be set up on an atenna on the middle building. If you miss, try again. Once the grapple is all set up, JUMP! Hopefully, you’ll reach the top of the second building. Go up more on the roof and enter an airvent on the top.
You’re in some sort of weird greenhouse. Go to the right and click on the cherry bomb plant. It’ll drop a cherry bomb. Quickly get to the cage where a female agent is trapped in (watch out for the plants!), using flower launchers and wait for it to explode. The female agent will give you the ultra vision goggles and one more important clue.
You’re all set. Exit the greenhouse and put on the goggles. Jump through the laser when it is not seen and fall to exit the rooftops. Go all the way to the right until you see the B.A.D. control center. *note: you can’t wear the chameleon suit if you wear the goggles * Dodge lasers and go up until you reach a door. You’ll then use the fingerprint you recieved from the bistro to gain access.
Now, you have to make it up to the teleporter, how? To dodge more lasers! :l Once you reach it, click on one of the computers and OH NO YOU”RE TRAPPED! However, a man comes in and releases you from the clutches of the cage. Director D? Well, he’ll ask you to fill in the password for the teleporter. Use the clues from the 3 kidnapped agents to type in:Laser Hair Removal
Then, Director D. will do a… sinister laugh (?!) and go through the teleporter. Follow him. Now… you’ll see why File X says to not trust Director D: he is actually a double agent and reveals that he is wearing a toupee. You’ll be surprised and Director D will continue on with his sinister plans. Now it’s time for the boss battle of Spy Island.
Final Battle Guide: Director D.
In the beginning, Director D will send out electric plug robot whachamacallits and the plug robots will chase you around. Guide each one, one at a time to an electric orb, where it will explode. After the plug robots are done with, Director D will chase you around now. He’ll try to zap your hair off (don’t worry, your hair will fade back). Using the grappler, try to make Director D hit the ceiling with his contraption. After he hits the ceiling a few times, the contraption will break down and Director D will give up. You’ll do the jumping emote and float a little bit too due to zero gravity.
Director D. will be captured and kept in a small cage in the HQ. You’ll become the new director of the agency and the secretary will give you the island medallion. Congratulations! You have completed Spy Island!



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