Cool Chat


(1) No repeating a question time after time. You will only be allowed to post 3 times in a row and not more that 3 smileys in a sentence.

(2)No advertising chats or other blogs.

(3)No bad or swear words.


  • Brave Eye
  • Comical Catfish


No moderators


  • Owners (gold pawn): power to kick, ban, and stop any rulebreaking. Up to three owners at one time
  • Moderators (silver pawn): may kick, ban for up to 6 hours, and can stop rulebreaking. Up to five mods at a time
  • Members (blue pawn): friendly guests who show they can be trusted to follow the rules
  • Guests (green pawn): can chat, but don’t go often


You can comment to this page saying who you would recommend for a higher rank. Members can be recommended to be mods, and mods can be recommended to be owners. No mod spots are currently open.


  • black star on your pawn means you are registered to Xat
  • yellow star means you are a paid subscriber to Xat
  • heart means you are married to someone on Xat
  • cross means you are BFF’d to someone on Xat



He finds your location while you are chating.


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